Top 3 Feature of B2b Ecommerce

Top 3 Feature of B2b Ecommerce – As B2b e-commerce is growing day by day and Webkul is the largest supplier of b2b e-commerce software from b2b marketplaces to b2b mobile apps. But starting a b2b eCommerce website or app is complex. There are tons of questions for a b2b eCommerce startup.


  • Which b2b eCommerce platform is the best?
  • Comparison between various b2b Ecommerce platforms.
  • Cost-effective and easy to start a b2b business
  • How to start B2b Ecommerce website?
  • How to start B2b Mobile app?

etc. I will try to explain 5 features of any b2b ecommerce website. Those features should be there in every b2b eCommerce website.

1 – Easy to Customise B2b Website

As b2b e-commerce is hard to start, it is also hard to scale. As a b2b business startup grows, b2b website requires more customization and development in the website or app.

That’s why choosing open source is always a better solution. Your b2b website or app will be your selling channel. It is a very important decision which platform to choose for b2b website development.

2- B2B ecommerce Platform Extendibility

Open source alone is not enough for b2b website or app. Yes, Its true open source is something important but imagine if the open source in itself is not that competent?

Your B2b E-commerce website will also be used for selling on multiple channels. Having right API’s can help a lot to grow the business.

3- Right B2b ecommerce Platform

There are loads of ecommerce platforms available. Even the most popular ecommerce platforms are open source and free to use. Example

and many others.

For sure Magento 2 is the leader in b2b commerce. There are other growing options are also there like bagisto- written on laravel, which is the most popular PHP based e-commerce platform.


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