Role of API in B2B Ecommerce

Role of API in B2B Ecommerce – As the b2b commerce is getting bigger and bigger every day. Almost every big platform nowadays are supporting to b2b commerce.

From Magento 2 to Bigcommerce and from Orocommerce to Opencart. Every site is offering b2b Functionality.

We are working on b2b shops and marketplaces from last 8 years. Even when Alibaba wasn’t that big hit :).

Over years of experience in b2b e-commerce domain. We encountered various changes in the market. The biggest change which we encounter is the Integration to the other software and platforms. 

B2b Commerce Robust API

B2b commerce ( we have worked with various Magento 2 B2B requirement ) the biggest requirement we encountered is the integration with 3rd party marketplaces, ERP & Accounting software.

B2b Suppliers are using Magento 2 as a front-end. From where the b2b customers can come in and process the order in terms of quote or PO ( purchase order ). Rest of the part supplier manage it from the other platforms.

Example – In Magento 2 b2b shop, Mobile app is the bigger and most important sales channel. It is also important that Magento 2 B2b Mobile app must have all key features of b2b shops.

Integration of all the data from B2b Shop to Mobile App comes via API. Thankfully Magento Offers REST API.

Even in their recent release they also support for Async API and GraphQL which is Huge.

Both b2b Mobile app and b2b Shop are just a front-end. Nowadays merchants and suppliers are using the B2B headless commerce.

They Integrate all the shop data to ERP via API. Also, Integrate the Product Information Management software (PIM) via API. Account software Integration via API.

So now you can understand the ROLE of API is super critical.

B2b Headless Ecommerce

Nowadays E-commerce is heading towards headless architecture.

As the modern commerce infrastructure is moving towards the microservices infrastructure. Progressive web apps are now the part of every web app development.

headless web infrastructure or commerce infrastructure totally depends upon the API’s that’s why having an Async API is really a critical factor for any b2b shop.

I hope this article explained the role of API’s and its critical importance in B2b Ecommerce. Let us know if you are looking for B2b E-commerce Development at –


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