5 B2B Magento 2 Mobile App Features

5 B2B Magento 2 Mobile App Features – Magento 2 is for sure most prominent b2b e-commerce leader in the industry at the moment. We will discuss why Magento 2 B2b Mobile app is vital to have it for any b2b e-commerce business.

Magento 2 Open Source Mobile App Builder

In b2b world, open source is something really important. Why is openness important to scale b2b business?

Well, the answer is simple – B2b projects are complex and very unique in nature. There is a lot of customization needed for every b2b business.

If you dont have the source code of the application it is almost impossible to customize it as per your requirement. You can find Few Open Source Mobile apps for Magento 2

B2b Magento 2 Mobile app – https://store.webkul.com/magento2-mobile-app.html

Native Android & IOS apps

Native apps are vital for b2b business. Although there are loads of hybrid apps for sure our choice will be 100% native apps. Here are few reasons –

  • Performance is the by far most critical factor for mobile apps. Native apps work really well in terms of performance. Why? obviously, they dont need to have a browser compilation.
  • Native apps directly interact with Mobile operating systems like Android and IOS.
  • HTML5 support is there but still, there are loads of features which are easily accessible in native apps development.
  • B2b Ecommerce Mobile apps are complex in nature and hybrid apps are not suited for that.

B2b Mobile App – UI ( MVVM Approach )

The user interface looks pretty easy, right? well, not in case of b2b commerce. There is a lot of View manipulation in the UI layer. I am not talking about UI design but talking about UI data model.

MVVM ( model view view-model ) is the right approach to build the Magento 2 Mobile apps.

Magento 2 B2b Ecommerce have loads of product attributes and complex product data type. Managing all of those products attributes under the same view-model is the right way to manage it.

MVC – systems are not suited for Magento 2 Business to Business application.

Offline First Approach

The offline first approach is something which should be the core of any b2b mobile app. B2b e-commerce includes various entities including –

As you can see all those modules are critical for b2b e-commerce. Also, many times internet is not that connected to all those entities. Example – Sales REP Module  – to provide the information about product catalog many times sales rep need offline support.

Especially in 3rd world Markets like Asia, MENA region, and  Africa. Where the high-speed internet is still a luxury.

Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence

Source – Apple core ML

Machine learning is for sure the future of commerce. Especially in b2b e-commerce Machine learning is the backbone of the business.

if you are using Native apps like Android and IOS then you really dont need to worry about. As all of those platforms already provide machine learning support

We are World first company who launch the integration of Magento 2 Mobile app with Machine Learning – Please have a look

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