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orocommerce B2B Platform: Maybe you haven’t heard of orocommerce but the orocommerce is the b2b e-commerce platform built by ex Magento team members.

Platform Built for B2b Ecommerce

As you can see almost nowadays every e-commerce platform from Magento to opencart and from woocommerce to PrestaShop are trying to add the features of b2b e-commerce.

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Unlike those platforms, orocommerce is dedicated for b2b commerce and does not work for b2c commerce.

Orocommerce has been built on the ORO BAP ( business application platform ) and using the same and using Symfony PHP framework as a development toolkit.

Akeneo the popular PIM system is also built on ORO BAP.

Also, they have awarded by Frost & Sullivan-

“Oro is a rising vendor in the B2B eCommerce space with an experienced executive team with over 15 years in the eCommerce space. Oro offers an open-sourced true B2B eCommerce platform – OroCommerce with OroCRM capabilities built in, eliminating complex integrations.”

How is it different?

As the orocommerce is fully focused on b2b they have excluded b2c features and purely focused on b2b. So if you are looking for b2c and b2b kind of system I would suggest to use traditional e-commerce platforms like Magento or Opencart or Woocommerce.

Magento 2 Already have a very solid B2B Component and there is a huge number of modules are available in the marketplace.


Most of the core b2b features are already included in orocommerce. Example –

  • Quick order form
  • Quote Management
  • Shopping list
  • Sales REP
  • Purchase Order/PO management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory management
  • Complex Pricing system
  • RFQ

And many more. Please Visit their documentation for the complete details.

Magento 2 Vs Orocommerce

currently in PHP community orocommerce is for sure having a very solid tech stack. As we are working on both the environment we are quite aware with both Oro and Magento 2.

As every platform have their own pros and cons orocommerce does have as well.

Community Support

Compared to Magento 2  the community of orocommerce is still in a very early stage. Which is a major PLUS for Magento 2. 

But but but As orocommerce is built on Symfony which already has a very solid community so anybody who is proficient in Symfony Development can easily adapt the Orocommerce development.

So you can see direct community support is lacking but as the platform, I based on Symfony framework which is a huge plus.

Tech Stack

Tech stack of both Magento 2 and orocommerce is quite solid and support for a huge number of SKU’s. Also, the elastic search support is already there which is also a big benefit for both the platforms

Extensions and Modules

For Sure Magento 2 is leading way to ahead here. But as orocommerce is also an open source platform so building an extension on orocommerce is also easy.

We have built a couple of extensions both on Akeneo and OROCRM and OROCOMMERCE.


For sure Orocommerce is a great suite for b2b shops. If you are starting a new b2b shop or b2b marketplace orocommerce can be a good option.

Please let us know if you are looking for any kind of Orocommerce or Magento 2 help – https://webkul.com/contacts/



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