5 key b2b features for Magento 2 Shop

5 key b2b features for Magento 2 Shop – B2b commerce is growing very fast. Magento 2 is the Most popular open source e-commerce platform. We will discuss top 5 must have b2b features for any b2b eCommerce site.

Quick Order

A quick order is for sure the most important and key feature for any b2b shop. As B2b Supplier, you must provide the quick order with search via product name and SKU. 

As you can see in the above screenshot, b2b customers can purchase the product by entering the SKU or product name in the quick order form.

Quick order forms are also super important for Purchase orders and quotes

Suppliers Microsite

This is also super important to provide microsite feature for suppliers. This is something more important when you are having a b2b marketplace like Alibaba

Using supplier/ vendor Microsite. Vendors can provide various kind of information about their products and company information and trade-related policies. As an example – You can see here, supplier microsite in Alibaba subdomain.

Source – Alibaba.com

Price List

Pricing is a major challenge for any b2b shop. Pricing is really complex in any b2b system. To solve such pricing related issues a b2b shop must have a complete module for it. We called as a price list 


Unlike B2c e-commerce stores, B2b require very complex and functional pricing system. Example

  • Pricing based on customer group.
  • Pricing based on Quotes
  • Pricing Based on categories
  • Pricing based on product and unit price

and many more.

Quote Module & RFQ ( Request for Quote )

The quotation is an essential part of any b2b shop. Even without quote module, there is no B2b Shop.

Quotation module needs to be very flexible and it should provide all kind quotation related features including file attachment, & custom file upload feature.

 Also integration with other b2b features like quick order

Request for Quote or RFQ is little different from the regular quote module. In RFQ, a customer submits the information. RFQ need to be very mature. As all of the B2b shop sales conversion depends on it.

  • RFQ should be included with suppliers.
  • RFQ categories and suppliers match should be there.
  • RFQ notification and quote update and management should be there.
  • Integration of RFQ with


Sales Rep Module

Many standard b2b shops do not include sales rep module. Even various shops even create the quote and RFQ without sales rep module.

Ideally, quotes must include sales rep. Because in medium and big scale shop. It is impossible to convert a sales without a sales rep person.

There are loads of other features but those are super important for any Magento 2 b2b shop. If you are looking for any b2b shop or b2b multi supplier marketplace, Please contact us at – https://webkul.com/contacts/ 

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