how to start b2b ecommerce

How to start b2b eCommerce – Business to business ( b2b) commerce is getting mainstream now. Almost every suppliers or manufacture want to start their own b2b eCommerce stores.

B2b eCommerce marketplaces like Alibaba,, and recently in India Udaan made a big impact in the industry.

source – alibaba

Building a b2b eCommerce website or b2b eCommerce mobile app requires extensive domain knowledge about the industry. As every b2b business is different.

Best B2B eCommerce platform

Almost every platform is nowadays is putting effort into the b2b part. I will try to answer one by one.

Choose the open-source for B2B

As every b2b e-commerce is unique that’s why it is important to choose an open-source b2b platform. Open source provides greater customization to the business owner.

Choose Tech Stack for big data

Correct there are greater chances that b2b businesses may have big data. So you should choose any platform which provides all the tech stacks to support big data. Example

  • Product search or supplier Search – Traditional search engines may not work so you need to have a better search engine like elastic search.
  • Robust API – Robust and scalable API is highly important for B2b Dropship business and Multichannel Integration.
  • Batch Management – As b2b tends for big and large data so batch management is super important. Example- Bulk upload via CSV.

B2B eCommerce : Available Platforms

Based on the above statement and research only a few of them are quite useful for b2b eCommerce

  • Magento 2– Magento 2 is by far the best-suited platform for b2b eCommerce.
  • Bagisto – based on laravel, Bagisto is one of the best b2b suites for every business including Ecommerce, Marketplaces, and SAAS

As per my choice, Magento 2 and Bagisto lead the path. Also, Magento 2 is now adobe commerce cloud in 2021.

Adobe commerce cloud is a saas-based eCommerce, best suited for large-scale b2c and b2b e-commerce webshops.

So in this series, we have discussed “how to start b2b e-commerce”. Stay tuned for the next series.

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