B2B Ecommerce Development

B2B Ecommerce Development – Starting a B2B project requires a lot of information. As we are working constantly with the B2B suppliers and merchants we found this as a common problem.

Request for proposal or request for a quote for a B2B project is very complex we will try to discuss how to convert or discuss B2B requirement with the customer.

Don’t be in a hurry

Yes, indeed this is the most important factor for a successful B2B project.

In B2B the purchasing life cycle is quite long also the product in nature are quite long as well.

So if Merchant or supplier push you to discuss thing in the very fast manner then simply deny it. Because at end of the day project is going to fail.

Understand the requirement

Indeed this is same for them b2c as well as B2B projects. As B2B projects are quite long in nature it is highly important that you understand the requirement hand in-depth detail about the project.

Also, include the technical head or one who are having a very good technical hand about the database and software architecture.

As an example, if you are going to build a B2B Marketplace make sure the person understands the difference between the flat catalog and the Eav database structure.

This was just an example but there are hundreds and thousands of such things which is almost impossible for a business development mind.

B2B Agile development

Is the B2B projects are big and complex that’s why traditional development models like waterfall will not work.

Project development should be agile in nature

Also, regular communication with the customer is highly important. Task management and issues management need to be described properly.

Lots of project management system already available in the market like  Zoho project, Jira, and asana

Robust helpdesk system

Helpdesk is the core of the B2B system, you must have a robust help desk and ticket management system.

So that the customer can easily raise the customer inquiry and B2B agents can solve those queries.


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