how to create SAAS application

How to create a SAAS application: SAAS projects are everywhere. Even big enterprises like Adobe are moving towards saas business model.

What is SAAS?

Saas ( software as a service ) – As per Wikipedia

“Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software

In general terms as a business owner, you are not offering the complete source code or complete project application.

Most of the saas applications run on cloud infrastructure.

The most important factor is it is a recurring payment service. That means the business will get paid on a recurring basis.

Cloud-Based Apps VS SaaS Apps

This is another major question.

Does saas apps and cloud-based apps are the same? so the answer is No and a bit yes.

Well, the majority of the saas apps are built on the cloud as it is always easy to scale. But it does not mean that every cloud-based application is a SAAS app.

How to Create a SAAS project?

If you will look around you will find almost every popular products startups are moving towards to saas offering.

From Microsoft to adobe. Everyone is moving to saas business model.

But again the basic question? How to build a Software as a service project?

Well, the short answer is to use “Bagisto SAAS project creator“. For the long answer let me explain everything step by step.

Understanding the requirement

This is by far the most important factor. We have built various saas projects and some of them are fairly popular.  Check this out –


  • Uvdesk Helpdesk  – A saas based helpdesk system
  • Booking commerce – A saas based booking software.
  • Multi-Vendor Marketplace  – A saas based multi-seller marketplace

If you will check the requirement all those three projects are fairly different.

Start building the cloud-based saas application

Trust me building a saas application isn’t easy at all.  There are various factors which are super critical. Will discuss one by one –

Saas Project Scaling – This is super critical. You must build the saas app on the right tech stack which is scalable. Also to choose the right hosting/cloud partner like AWS. 

Saas Apps Security – This is another challenge. As in the saas apps, there will be 1000’s of customers and their related information. So security is something super important.

Component-based development ( SOA approach ) – services-oriented architecture or modular code is required in saas projects.

Else it will be super hard to customize especially in B2B saas projects.


URL / Domain Management – This is another challenge. As every company or business requires there own domain and instance.


Customer and ACL management – In saas projects, you can have all the end customers in one admin panel.

At every instance, you must have separate back-office.

There are much more.

Laravel Saas Module –

Using the laravel SAAS project now anyone can build the saas project up and running. The best thing with this project is – “Open Source“.

Check this out – 

Opencart SAAS Extension

Opencart is a very popular eCommerce platform supported by 1000 Opencart extensions

Opencart SAAS extension enables software as a service within opencart platform

Magento 2 ( Adobe commerce cloud ) SAAS extension

Adobe commerce cloud ( previously ) known as Magento commerce cloud is well suited for SAAS. ACC already includes a cloud setup that is highly scalable and suitable for saas services.

Now anyone can start bigcommerce, volusion, wix style website using Magento 2 SAAS Extension



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