How is Mobile app Reforming the B2B market?

Mobile First strategy is one of the proclaimed terminologies that is hitting the E-commerce industry today. With the growth in the E-commerce structure, mobile apps are playing a major role in a B2B structure.

The earlier structure of B2B companies required them to have a personal communication and relationship. But now with the changing trend, the things are more digitized and advanced. With mobile apps, these requirements are no more relevant.

According to  Google– “50% of B2B search queries today are made on smartphones. BCG expects that figure to grow to 70% by 2020.”

So, with the growing trend at Mobikul work with the different API to extend the functionality of the app from B2C To B2B.

To know more about Role of API in B2B E-commerce, refer here-

Why the mobile apps so important?

Mobile Apps are the best mode to convert the traffic due to following reasons-


In the b2b market, it’s important to look for the product on the store is accessible anywhere and anytime. The best solution for this is a mobile app that has easy access.

This facility can help in increasing the traffic of your store and high conversion rate.

2-Adaptation Of Latest Technology- Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence-

The adaptation of technique like Machine Learning in the mobile apps can be a revolution in the B2B model. The implementation of the technique is done by pre-built kits-

The apps are made more advanced by addition of Artificial intelligence via Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Try-On– Here, the app user can try the product in the app in reality.
  • Virtual- Measurement– In this case, the app user can record the measurements of the object in reality.

Thus, both the feature can help in B2B model by providing easy management without any hassle.

3-Real-Time Synchronization– The mobile app uses API which will help in keeping the website and mobile app synchronized. This will allow the consistency of data in both the places.

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