Why Order Approval is Important in B2B commerce?

When a customer is not a simple customer but actually a business, the store owner need to be adaptable in order to provide a complete solution for buying process of the company.

So, here comes the most important part within the B2B commerce that is the order approval. Also, it should be understood that within a B2B marketplace, the purchase process is not as simple as a B2C marketplace.

The payment process within a B2B marketplace usually involves submitting a request for the purchase, gaining approval from the admin, and then making the payment for the products.

With the order approval functionality, the admin of the B2B marketplace can setup condition/rules for the customers to place the orders. Only after the admin approval, the customer can complete the order.

How the order approval is important –

Restrict Order Payment

The admin of the marketplace can set up conditional order approve check which if enabled will check for the set conditions.
If the condition turns true, then the buyer will be able to make a checkout but the payment will remain undone. The buyer can only make a payment after the order has been approved by the admin. Thus helping the admin to set restriction on the order payment.

Admin Approval of Orders

The admin can easily approve or disapprove an order that has been placed by the buyer. This allows the admin to make sure that only after checking whether the order is fine or not the order be approved.

After order approval, the customer will have the option to complete the payment under their orders section. The customer after the approval can easily make the payment for the already placed order.

The customer will be able to see a Complete Order link to complete the payment for the placed order that’s in a pending state for the approval from the admin. After this, the customer can select a payment method to make the payment for the respective order.

Suspicious Order Detection

If you receive an order which is substantially higher than normal, then you should verify the customer’s identity. An order attachment functionality withing the b2b marketplace can assist the admin in verifying the customer’s identity.

The admin can set whether any file upload is required or not required in the product. After placing the order, the customer can upload the file from the order page. Supporting the format as selected by the admin – PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG.

That was much about the order approval functionality in the B2B commerce.

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