The Rudimentary Traits: B2B Email Notifications

B2B: Significance of Mail Notifications

E-Commerce trends may vary on the day to day basis but the relevance of email notifications in e-commerce shall not wither.

Email notifications are mostly preferred in any B2B Marketplace as they are inexpensive unlike traditional techniques such as direct mails and therefore an easy way out for carrying out B2B business.

This serves the purpose of helping the suppliers/ wholesalers to:

  • get in touch with the customers,
  • enhancing supplier/ wholesale-customer relationship,
  • generate real revenue and therefore higher conversion sales.

Mail Templates: For A Better UI

Imagine yourself reading a black and white newspaper. We may read a few headlines and some content underneath it, but soon we would end up leaving the newspaper on the table itself.

This is because customers develop an interest for things which are eye catchy and bright and therefore the B2B business entrepreneurs must strive to make their emails interactive for the users.

This way the customer crowd responds to the emails notifications increasing the CTR’s or Click-Through Rates and help generate higher sales conversions for the store.

An Email Template is nothing but a simple HTML file which helps in designing the layout of the mail, content and its formatting. This layout of an email is sent to the customers each time an event triggers in a store.

These triggers are associated with customer activities, product-related notifications, advertisement related emails, etc.  Through mail templates, it becomes easy for the suppliers/ wholesalers to connect with the customers.

The email notifications for the given events may be sent-

B2B Marketplace Emails: For Admin, Sellers, and Customers

As a business entrepreneur, it is the right of the for you to know the whereabouts of the transactions and events that are taking place within a store.

This is essential for the smooth running of the store and to avoid chaos from the time the buyer places an order until the buyers receive it.

Also, the main motive behind sending notifications through emails is developing healthy relationships and better engagement with the customers.

Therefore, while sending an email notification, it is essential to deliver the core data to the customers.

Some Exigent Points:

  • Basically, the best emails follow the idea of “less is more.” What can be better when the main purpose of notification is explained in a few words.
  • That extra info is not at all needed. A chaotic mail shall lead nowhere. Customers only want to know the main data that the email contains.
  • The content must associate with the customer’s action. For instance, if a buyer fails to complete the checkout process, then, the email sent to the buyer must contain the Abandoned Cart details and not any irrelevant information.
  • In order to provide our customers with a better experience, one must form the emails so as to lay an imposing effect.

Beneficiary Aspects: Email Notifications in B2B Marketplace

The notifications sent through the mail will never go wasted as in this digital era each one of us checks the mail inbox every now and then, be it on a cellphone through an email mobile app or on desktops.

Also, the customers shall subscribe to receive notifications for their favorite apparel brand and on any discount or may be new arrivals, they might end up making a purchase.

Having said this, it is mandatory to mention some points which befit the B2B suppliers/ wholesalers in business:

  • The suppliers/ wholesalers can keep their customer updated about whereabouts of the products.
  • The target is a specific customer crowd as well as global customers.
  • B2B suppliers/ wholesalers may gather new clients or customers through emails.
  • One can mould the emails as per customers who will receive the emails.
  • Most importantly, it is not expensive.

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