Standard Practices in the Wholesale Business

eCommerce is core to B2B strategy, to be a success in Wholesale business in today’s society is like watching paint dry. Only the right strategy, right tools, right decisions, and right practices make B2B business to hit a home run.

Starting wholesale business requires scalable, secure, uniform and conventional structure plus follows standard way of doing things.

A study says: Only 30% of B2B companies fully executed best practices.

Although as every B2B business is unique and everyone has their own development style but there are few must be adopted. In this article is excerpted the same.

Standard Practice 1: Go Open Source for more control

In B2B business, open source platform is something really important. As B2B eCommerce requires huge customization and deep integration to make personalize platform for your customers that’s only possible with Open source platform.

You’ll have the authority to inspect, modify, update and endless customization is possible to make it as per your process and your customers’ needs.

Doing bigger business with a bigger budget sometimes too critical, there are a bunch of hassles involved in it.

Opensource solution empowers merchants self-supporting which can be easily developed, modified, customized to make perfect as you need.

Couple of open source e-commerce platform is available which is popular right at the moment. For Instance –

  • Magento 2
  • Opencart
  • Orocommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Bagisto
  • Zencart
  • Woocommerce(WordPress)

Standard Practice 2: Utilize Advanced Traditional Tools

In order to manage complex B2B business process everyone utilizing standard tools to makes the whole process easy and fast forward that will not only grow your business but also you will stand out among your peers.

For instance, currently Alibaba is hands-down the world’s largest global eCommerce site, they had started with tons of entities like microblogging, mobile apps, online maps, and so much more, which is still growing day by day.

Mobile App is the biggest bomb in a trend which exploded over the modern generation. This traditional tool has changed the work style and dealing process faster for sellers.

You can find few B2B Open Source Mobile apps for Magento 2, OpenCart, Prestashop, or you can visit Mobikul for additional information.

Standard Practice 3: Optimize Performance and Personal Interaction

If you’re running a B2B business and its related to eCommerce business so you have to deal with lots of huge customer inquiry which is more prioritize task, as customer support is the backbone of every business.

Every business has their own particular norms and way to deal with consumers therefore set of requirement and expectation is also different.

B2B requires a specific requirement and use a custom build which is very hard to provide support and get customer interaction.

In order to provide customer support, there is a couple of helpdesk software are available in a trend but very few helpdesk suits for B2B business requirements.

As it requires deep integration, customization, scalable, flexible and writely coded robust helpdesk system to deliver better customer experience.

Thus we have built world best B2B eCommerce open source helpdesk softwareUVdesk which is highly flexible, scalable, secure and customizable that suits any business requirement.

Standard Practice 4: Concede Bulk Orders and discounts

As people prefer buying something if that is on sales, thus volume discount on bulk products draws customer attraction to make the purchases and increase store visitor list that generates huge revenue.

In today’s eCommerce markets due to powerful competitors, tough to start a B2B marketplace, you need to put business one step forward.

Request For Quotation Extension that plays a major role in the success of a B2B Marketplace that allows customer to bargain product prices with quantity and submit his quote request.

Thus mostly B2B Business like to configure a request for quote that offers authorized buyers to initiate the price negotiation process from the marketplace front that streamlines the purchasing process and make the customer feel special.

With the use of Marketplace Quote System (for MagentoOpencartWooCommerce etc) customer can request for a quote simply by filling up a form to enter the desired quantity and price for the products.

For any further doubt or query, please email us at [email protected] and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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