Role Of Shopping Lists In B2B

A successful B2B should let the customers place an order conveniently. Sometimes the customers are engaged in several events and want to make a separate purchase of each event.

For this, the shopping list is the ultimate solution. Shopping Lists are just like shopping carts. The customer can create and manage multiple shopping lists as per their different events. Then, can save products in these shopping lists and place quick order by submitting shopping lists for further processing.

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But most of the time users get confused with the wishlists and the shopping lists. There are less number of eCommerce sites using both together because they are not able to differentiate between the two –

  • List Access –
    Wishlist is a public list that is accessible by sharing it with friends and family. But shopping list is a private list that serves as a personal reminder and promotes customer to purchase their favorites.
  • Save Products –
    Shopping list let registered as well as guest users save items but wishlist allow only registered users to save the favorite items.
  • Define Quantity –
    The customer can save items along with its quantity in the shopping list. While saving the items in the wishlist, the customer cannot define the quantity of the item they are saving.
  • Create Order –
    The customers can submit orders directly from a shopping list. But in the wishlist, the customers cannot create the order directly.
  • Access All Other Lists –
    The shopping list is present along with the cart list. So the customer doesn’t miss any of their favorites.

How Shopping Lists Are Important In B2B?

Organized Shopping Experience

Shopping Lists is the prime solution to create multiple shopping carts for future events and provide your customers with this ability to make their shopping more convenient and organized.

The customers can create as many as shopping lists of the products they need and will be able to plan the budget before placing the order. For example, one list for holiday presents, one for regular purchases, one for sports equipment, etc.

Create & Manage Multiple Shopping List

The customers can create and manage as many as shopping lists of products they have saved for later purchase. All created shopping lists are organized in defined sections and customers can easily switch between them.

No Need To Browse Products Every Time

The customer can save their valuable time because they don’t have to search or browse for their desired product every time they visit the website. The customers simply make a purchase in just no time.

Track Out Of Stock Products

When a particular product runs out of stock, the shopping list allows the customers to easily track the item’s status without browsing the complete product catalog.

Duplicate Shopping Lists for RFQ

The customers can easily duplicate the shopping lists as shown below. The customer can use these duplicate shopping lists to invite multiple suppliers into a bidding process to bid on specific products or services.

After receiving the RFQs, each seller sends its own quote for the product to the buyer. And, once the quote gets approved, the buyer can then purchase the product at a competitive price.

Quick Order

The customers can easily add the products to their shopping lists from the home, category and product page. And, can submit orders directly from a shopping list.

The shoppers can even add the product to the cart one by one by browsing the product from the catalog page or from the product page. This is a very tedious and time-consuming task. But Magento 2 Quick Order module allows the buyers to quickly purchase different products without visiting every product page or catalog page.

Using Magento 2 Quick Order module, a buyer can search and add multiple products to the cart at once using product SKU or name. And then proceed to checkout by navigating to the checkout page skipping the cart page. This will reduce the number of clicks and reduces the purchase time for the buyers.

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