Optimize Quick bulk order in B2B e-commerce

Today’s fact is online shopping is a convenient mode of purchase not only for B2C but also for B2B business and the next fact is driving a B2B eCommerce channel is naturally too complex than traditional B2C e-commerce.

Out of numerous challenges in B2B quick bulk order is a major one, that needs an automated process and advanced functionality to increase efficiency and reduce user error.

Customer prefers a faster process

Wholesale buyers are looking towards online shopping just because of its fast and convenient service, there is no need for waiting in line for the checkout.

Today’s B2B buyers just want to get things done faster and smooth.

They directly come to online and search products base on price and then go to the checkout process Instead of discussing any salesperson.

Also, the thin line that in a recent study 60% of suppliers are getting difficulties while ordering the bulk product because to add each of the product is a tedious task in B2B.

Number of orders usually large

B2B procurement is all about bulk volumes, Where the majority of the orders in the B2B segment are repetitive and bulk. Generally, there is no fix count of product it might be 10, 100, 1000 or more but that much sure it would be high.

Therefore being a B2B business owner, you must have the capability to hold such large orders too and will ensure that a huge volume of an order could be placed.

High volumes of SKUs and data:

This is one of the most essential in B2B business, a modern customer wants to go through before making a purchase any order that includes thousand of attributes likewise color, size, pattern, and more complex data.

Customers have to reload multiple pages to shop wanted product that will be time taken process.

Having Quick Order extensions allows customers to enter the exact search keys (product name or SKU) to find a specific product. No need to access multiple pages for each product search.

Each customer needs a separate discount

In a B2B business, each customer adds a unique count of product in the cart as per their need thus they expect different pricing from the owner, While the majority of the items are ordered in bulk.

You should probably give them volume discounts based on the product level. This is standard practice in the wholesale business, apply discounts strategically based on volume of order.

Quote System allows your customer to ask for a quote or negotiate price and the seller can agree and respond back with a compromising quotation proposal.

Complex checkout process

With quick order purchasing options, you can enable fast and convenient ordering and boost sales. In order to make a simple checkout process, all buyers enter the SKU and product Id or use requisition lists, or copy a previous order for fast checkout.

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