Does Opencart for B2B commerce be a good choice?

Does Opencart for B2B commerce be a good choice? Open cart e-commerce platform is by far one of the most popular shopping cart available in the market at the moment.

The beauty of the opencart is it is very easy to set up even in the shared hosting. Unlike Magento, it does not require to have a dedicated server.

Opencart+ B2B Commerce

There is a lot of debate going on, to choose the best platform for the B2B commerce. As we are the largest supplier of B2B software products, the most important part for b2b  is the platform must be open source.

Why is that? Does the Shopify isn’t a good choice for B2B commerce?

well, in my opinion, it is a clear NO. B2b Commerce requires a lot of customization. If the customization is not there then it is almost impossible to create a truly b2b shopping experience

Every B2B Shop is unique

That’s correct unlike b2c, where all the elements of every shop look same. In the b2b world, it’s totally different.

As an Example. You will see the cart, in every b2c shop but it is not a must-have part for the various b2b shop.

That’s why I would recommend if you want to start a b2b shop always choose open source solutions like Magento or Magento 2, Opencart or Orocommerce.

Why Opencart as a B2b Ecommerce?

Although opencart in itself is a single inventory system. That means you can not have multi warehouse system-

But there are loads of extension using that anybody can easily create the B2b Ecommerce in Opencart. Example –

Opencart B2B PriceList Extension

In b2b commerce, pricing is a super important and complex system. Pricing depends on a lot of other factors and there is no fixed pricing schema.

Pricelist Extension is super important in this case. A supplier can add various kind of pricing using pricelist.

Opencart B2b Purchase Order

B2b PO or purchase order is another must-have element for any b2b shop. In b2b commerce or business Purchase, the order is an assurance of the payment.

Even where traditional shopping cart does not exist PO plays a very major role in purchasing the goods and services.


Catalog product Search

Search is another aspect, in the b2b business huge amount of supplier inventory is a vital part. Quick and effective searching is super critical and can lead to 20-30% sales conversion.

Opencart Elasticsearch is another must-have extension for opencart b2b shops.

conclusion – As you can see building b2b commerce website or mobile app is fairly easy and if you are trying to build a b2b shop on opencart for sure there is clear YES.

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