Magento 2 Core Web Vitals

Magento 2 Core Web Vitals – Google core web vitals are a set of methods by which any website can increase their user experience and conversion rates as well.

Increase your Magento 2 Core web vitals and UX Using

I hope every webmaster who is managing their eCommerce / Magento 2 stores must have gone through the same in Google search console.

What is the importance of Magento 2 Core web Vitals?

Core web vitals are highly important for eCommerce & marketplaces. WHY?

Web vitals provides critical information about the pages of your Magento 2 eCommerce store or marketplaces.  Google also defined a couple of terms as well.

  • LCP – Largest Contentful Paint
  • FID – First Input Delay
  • CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

You will get most of such information on the website.

Ecommerce ( B2b/B2c )Core web vitals reports come in two segments

  1. Desktop
  2. Mobile


Let me add the screenshots for you.

As you can see the detailed reports are there. Google suggests as an ERROR that needs to fix.

So now you may understand that this is critical. That’s why Google is displaying the same error.

How to Improve Ecommerce Core web Vitals?

Google provides complete details and tool as well – 

Simple steps are –

  1. Enter your website on the website
  2. Check the report and improvement
  3. Improve TTFB
  4. Optimize server response time
  5. Use WebP images to reduce the dom size.
  6. Improve rendering especially javascript and CSS files
  7. size calculation for the images and elements.
  8. No changes in the layout.
  9. Always check with lighthouse after any update in the website
  10. performance drive development is very important.

I hope you found this information useful. Will write more about web vitals and performance in the coming series.




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