Is B2B limited to Bulk Purchase?

With the B2B business growing like a fungus in the eCommerce business. We need to understand the basic meaning of the B2B in order to answer the question.

So what is B2B?

Let understand the concept in a newbie level with an example: if you have a business that sells their products directly to the end user that either consumes or utilizes the product then it is termed as a B2C.

But if purchase goods are treated as raw material or as a semi-finished product which is later modified and sold again in the market then it is termed as B2B.

As far as the definition is concerned we didn’t found any quantity related term in B2B.

Why B2B is treated as a business with bulk purchase?

Mostly business to business approach deals with the client that like to purchase orders in bulk. With the B2B offering the customers to request quotes and discount based on the product quantity.

The rapacity of the offers entraps the customer to purchase in bulk. Although there may be many scenarios in which the customer does not always purchase the products in bulk.

Some of the Case Study are listed below.

B2B Purchase Of Heavy Machineries 

Consider the case in which you run a construction business and you need to purchase the crusher, miller or some heavy machine that will cost up to a fortune.

You won’t go to a retailer or to a store to buy such a product. Many B2B eCommerce stores offer the customer to quote for the products and based on the quoted conversation with the sales agent.

The customer can bargain over the prices and other offers that may be provided by the agent.

B2B Purchase Of Custom Expensive Products

Have you ever thought of purchasing the custom expensive product like custom car or jewelry or even custom mobile phone?

The product may be purchased not be used by the customer directly but to be resold after adding a sort of extra feature or design to it. It is not purchased in bulk just a single product is purchased.

Technically, it is a B2B purchased product with custom pricing.

B2B Purchase Of Holiday/Travel Packages

If you want to travel aboard or domestic in an area whom you have not visited before its better to have a travel package in which the customer does not place the booking directly in the hotel or book traveling instead purchases a booking product like travel packages. It is a B2B product as the companies offering does not own the hotel.

These products offer the customer with negotiable prizes as the B2B products. The sales agents provide discussions with various offers to the customer in other to make purchases.


The B2B product purchases are not only limited to bulk purchase. The above case studies are part of where B2B products are not necessarily purchased in bulk.

Apart from these may be many such scenarios in which the customer purchases the product in limited quantity from a B2B Marketplace Website.

Hope you got a clear idea about the B2B and its vast approach over the market. If you still face any sort of issues or query. Please don’t hesitate to share the same with us at [email protected].




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