Integrating Quick Order Feature in B2B Commerce

Nowadays, each one of us wants things happening at the spur of the moment. That is why people prefer purchasing online.

After all, accounting to the busy schedules that each one of us deals with on daily basis does not provide space and time to visit physical stores, run pillar to post to buy products and stand in a queue to make the billing.

Therefore it becomes more challenging for the B2BCommerce industry to provide the best possible features to their customers for an even better online shopping experience.

In light of the above, it becomes necessary to take a deep dive into the most talked about feature of B2B Commerce- the Quick Order Feature.

Quick Order: A Few Steps Towards a Better Purchase!

As one thinks of Quick Order, instantly, the concept of Single Page Checkout flutters in the mind. Also, we must be aware of the fact that our customers know what they want to purchase.

Okay! Let’s consider a very basic example so as to explain the concept of quick order in a better way.

Suppose, I am the buyer and wish to purchase multiple products from an online store. It may be likely that these products are not available on a single collection page.

The user will have to navigate to multiple catalog pages so as to choose the products. Adding them to cart individually, will be a more challenging task and for sure a time-consuming process.

Whereas, using the Quick Order feature shall minimize the steps involved in making a purchase thus simplifying things and shall give the buyers a better online shopping experience.

Quick Order: Formulating its Purpose in B2BCommerce!

Suppose, I own a shoe store. As a particular brand of shoes is out of stock in my store, I place an order for the shoes with the supplier in bulk.

For this, I will simply place the order online. If the supplier has facilitated the quick order feature, definitely that shall turn out to be an add-on while I make a purchase.

At the same time, if I have to add the shoes to cart one at a time, manually,a can get quite tiring, especially after a long span of time consumed on searching the shoes.

Therefore, Quick Order is an exigent feature as it has a sound purpose to serve in the B2B industry.

Given below is a list, manifesting the core points which define the importance of Quick Order in B2B:

  • The guest users can place orders implementing the quick order feature.

  • Fewer Abandoned Carts encountered during the checkout process.
  • An easy search process using the SKU or simply the name of the product.
  • The quantity updation is possible in the quick order page itself.
  • No page reload while adding products to the cart.

There is no second thought that by making the checkout process and ordering products simpler for the customers shall increase the sales conversions, thereby generating real revenue for a store.

A list of other Quick Order modules is given below:




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